Global at Heart Moments: Instants When Cultures Click

So. Here I am in London. I’m not exactly on vacation, but no one is paying me to be here. It sounds weird to put it this way, but I’m just sort of… hanging out. Suffice it to say that I’m here because I just wanted to live my life somewhere else for a bit. I’ll dig into the reasons why and how I can do this in another post. (There. I’m committing to it.)


However, the purpose of this particular post is to introduce the new approach I want to try with my blog. My usual tendency is to write about my experiences after the fact, in long (sometimes rambling) posts. These take a lot of time and effort, and thus I end up posting once or twice a month at best.

I really want to start posting more frequently — “from the field,” so to speak. I want to capture and share experiences in something closer to real time, whether I’m traveling or at home in Chicago. I’ll call them Global at Heart Moments.


So, what exactly is a Global at Heart Moment? I’m willing to leave this open to personal interpretation.

For me, it’s an instant when cultures (gently) collide, leading to a new understanding, an interpersonal connection (however brief), or simply a smile. They are distinct moments (no matter how small) that add something new and pleasant to your life, change your perspective, or explain something you might not have even thought to ask about.

Or maybe it’s even simpler than that. Maybe Global at Heart moments are simply the times when things are so different, disconnected, or out of place they just feel right somehow. Like… Having sushi and local beer in Dallas with a friend I’ve known since we met in the Bangkok airport 10 years ago. Or… recognizing Mandarin small talk on a Madrid street.

Eating "global at heart" - local beer with sushi in Dallas with your friend you met in Bangkok
Eating (& drinking) “global at heart” – local beer with sushi  (and some sake thrown in for good measure) in Dallas with your friend you met in Bangkok

But I think they could also happen intentionally, for example:

  • meeting up with your travel buddies in Chicago to relive your Beijing duck dinner
  • trying corn in ice cream form, or eating it on pizza
  • shopping at an international supermarket
  • attempting to cook dduk mandu guk (Korean dumpling soup) in your friend’s kitchen

What do you think?


I’d like to invite you to share your own Global at Heart Moments from travels or your life at home. If you’d be willing to let me post them (with full credit to the author), contact me here

Want to have more Global at Heart moments of your own? Let me help you with a personalized travel plan.

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