Norway Roadtrip: A Stop in Undredal

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. – G.K. Chesterton

This is Undredal, Norway. According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, it has “a population of approximately 100 people and 500 goats.”

In June-July 2014, my travel buddies, Mo and Lynn, and I took a road trip through Norway (one of my top 5 trips). Undredal wasn’t on our itinerary. We found it because we were hungry.


Why am I writing about Undredal right now? Well, lately I’ve been pairing travel quotes with pictures from my travels and posting them on Instagram. However, I haven’t shared the stories behind the pictures or explained why I’ve chosen specific quote + photo combinations. I wrote this little post somewhat spontaneously for my March newsletter, but I decided to give it a wider audience. So here you go.

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The summer days are long in Norway, and it’s easy to lose track of time. The sun gave us so much energy that we just didn’t feel the hours pass the same way we might at home.

So there we were, driving along feeling like it must only be about 6 pm. In reality it was nearly 9 pm, which meant that we didn’t have much time to find someplace along the road to buy food. Longer daylight hours do not necessarily equate to longer operating hours for businesses.


Against my better judgment, we turned down a little road that looked like it couldn’t possibly lead anywhere. About 6 km later, we found ourselves at this tiny, fjord-side village. It’s home to one of Norway’s few remaining stave churches, some houses, a couple dairies, and a little compound with a guest house and food shop.

The shop was just closing when we arrived, but they graciously sold us some beer, meat, and cheese and let us borrow a knife and cutting board. We chose a waterside picnic table on the deck, popped the caps off the bottles, and dug into the food. 

So, there we had our outdoor dinner while the sun, still quite bright, filtered between the walls of the fjord and little boats bobbed in water that mirrored the sky. <happy sigh>

Undredal Norway: stave church & fjord-side dining on local beer, meat, & cheese
Undredal Norway: stave church & fjord-side dining on local beer, meat, & cheese… this was 9 pm, people!

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