Freedom to Roam + Comfort of Home

Hello there, my name is Jean. I’m an avid traveler but also a serious homebody. I have been to more than thirty countries (and counting) and lived abroad for extended periods of time. My chronic case of wanderlust is all but tattooed across my forehead.

Because I love being on the road so much, I used to think I wanted to cash it all in and live the nomadic life. Then I fell in love with my adopted home, Chicago, a beautiful, diverse city that’s always serving up something new. With its central location and two airports, Chicago also provides an excellent launching pad for my global adventures.

I have come to realize that I’m the sort of person who wants the freedom of a wanderer with the familiarity and comfort of a home base. I try to live my life like I’m always on an adventure, absorbing the fascinating diversity of  the world around me and collecting new experiences during even the most mundane daily activities.

Abolish “Vacation” as We Know It

While I love to explore places, cultures, and ideas for my own personal enjoyment, I also love to play a part in opening up the world for others. I want to help them blur the lines between “real life” and “vacation” and keeping the inspiration of their travels alive in everyday life.

In fact, I’d like to abolish the word “vacation” altogether, and just call it “life.” Of course we all work hard and need our breaks, but one state of being (real life) doesn’t have to end for the other (vacation) to begin.

I started Global at Heart because I wanted to create a community around a mindset that encourages travel, empowerment, freedom, and adventure in everyday life without requiring you to sell all your stuff and roam indefinitely (read more on what it means to Live Global at Heart).

What I Do

I create personalized travel plans, provide resources, and share stories that people with real lives can identify with, without feeling bad about the fact that they’re in a 9-to-5 (and maybe even happy with that) and have families and day-to-day realities.

I know not everyone wants to, or can be, a nomadic, constant traveler, but we could all benefit from this mindset in everyday life. Global at Heart isn’t about using your two weeks of PTO to escape a mundane life or hiding out at all-inclusive resorts. It’s about collecting meaningful experiences, weaving them into your being, and sharing them with others in a way that isn’t just asking them to live vicariously through you. It’s also about constantly finding new perspectives on your everyday environs in ways that makes your life richer.

I think one solid way to make life more fulfilling is to keep our adventurous eyes, hearts, and minds open, whether we’re in an exotic foreign locale or we’re out running routine errands. Let’s keep that adventurous, vacation mindset with us all the time and rediscover our own homes as well.

End Vacation Hangovers

If you’re ready to make travel and daily life more meaningful than a once-a-year, two-week escape that ends in a cold, hard return to reality (the dreaded vacation hangover),  click the button below to learn how we can work together.